Proximus NXT adds specific IT expertise to Groupe Comet

Keeping ten manufacturing sites running with an IT team of 1.5 people? That requires a partnership built on trust. Recycling company Groupe Comet teams up with Arnaud, Stéphanie and the other Proximus NXT colleagues to maintain the company's competitiveness.

How do you streamline a rapidly growing and historically evolving IT landscape with a small internal ICT department? We talk to Christophe Gauthy, automation manager, and Christian Moedts, IT manager at Groupe Comet. Together with Arnaud Simar, Pre-sales Smart Networking, and Stéphanie Capelle, Key Account Manager at Proximus NXT, they have been shaping Groupe Comet's IT strategy for three years.

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1.5 IT manager for 10 sites

Christian: "Through acquisition and construction, Groupe Comet has several sites, ranging from old to new and hi-tech. Every year, a new site is added. This creates big differences in IT infrastructure. We have the equivalent of 1.5 IT managers and we do not have enough people and resources to spend on harmonizing IT."

Christophe: "We also don't have IT specialists in-house. These days, though, you absolutely need that. Proximus NXT offers expertise across different areas and provide us with the security experts, the engineers, the technicians ... that we don't have at Groupe Comet itself."

Arnaud knows our specialized manufacturing activity inside out. He hardly needs us to explain anything to give quick, relevant advice.

Christian Moedts, IT manager at Groupe Comet

In-depth industry knowledge

Stéphanie: "Be it IT, telephony or connectivity: Christian always wants to be able to move quickly. This is precisely why they want one single partner. Tasks or responsibilities are never passed around and they do not have to explain their needs anew."

Christian: "It would be impossible for us to change IT partners every six months, every year or even every five years. We put a lot of time and money into this partnership. Mastering IT is one thing, but understanding our highly specialized manufacturing activity is what really makes the difference. Arnaud's experience means he can offer the best possible technical support, for example, with the choice of equipment such as switches and drawing up a configuration plan. If we have an idea or new plans, then we immediately share it with Arnaud so that we can exchange ideas. If we had to start with a new partner now, then we would be back to square one."

Arnaud: "My background in manufacturing makes it easier to grasp Christian and Christophe's needs quickly. We go far by listening to each other."

Centralized network and redundancy

Christian: "For example, Arnaud wanted to simplify network management and be able to monitor data traffic 24/7 centrally. Our manufacturing must be operational continuously. In terms of our sites and our activities in IT, we are always under construction. This all requires additional flexibility on the one hand, and considerable redundancy on the other."

We started this new network technology with one pilot site. That way, we get peace of mind and confidence.

Christophe Gauthy, automation manager at Groupe Comet

Stéphanie: "Initially, we worked together around the Explore network between Groupe Comet sites. Based on the successful collaboration and with the help of my colleague Arnaud, we addressed the fragmentation and legacy within the IT landscape and switched to SD-WAN."

Christophe: "We started by analyzing the situation for one site using the new network technology. We then started harmonizing one pilot site. That way, we get us peace of mind and confidence. We then extend it to other sites as quickly as we can."

Arnaud: "We need that confidence to dare to look ahead. That is very important for Groupe Comet, for example for predictions of data traffic for the bandwidth."

Groupe Comet's company profile

Groupe Comet is a family-owned manufacturing group that gives ferrous, non-ferrous and derived materials a second life through recycling and trading. By acquiring existing companies and establishing new ones, Groupe Comet has strengthened its position and expanded its activities into other recycling areas. Powerful plants open up a wide range of opportunities for recycled materials such as scrap metal, plastic, tires, electric cars or e-waste.

Christian Moedts is IT manager at Groupe Comet.
Christophe Gauthy is automation manager at Groupe Comet.
Stéphanie Capelle is Key Account Manager at Proximus NXT.
Arnaud Simar is Presales Smart Networking at Proximus NXT.

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