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An ICT ecosystem for our customers

"At Proximus NXT, we believe in the power of collaboration. Combining our ICT expertise with that of our partners in an ecosystem to create powerful collaborations, such as those with the National Lottery, Delhaize, Fednot, Groupe Comet and Deltrian."

Anne-Sophie Lotgering, Enterprise Market Lead

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Our clients speak about the strength of our collaboration

Delhaize deploys IT innovation for a better customer experience

Delhaize never stops optimizing the customer experience in its over 800 shops. ICT is an essential part of this. Proximus NXT plays a role in the high pace of innovation to support Delhaize's mission of offering consumers healthy food every day.

Proximus NXT, ICT partner in the digitalization drive of notaries

Notaries are in the top three most trusted professions alongside doctors and architects. That is not possible without reliable IT tools and a cooperation based on trust. Humanware on top of software. The recipe of Fednot, 1,600 notaries, and Proximus NXT.

Proximus NXT adds specific IT expertise to Groupe Comet

Keeping ten manufacturing sites running with an IT team of 1.5 people? That requires a partnership built on trust. Recycling company Groupe Comet teams up with Arnaud, Stéphanie and the other Proximus NXT colleagues to maintain the company's competitiveness.

ICT crucial in the National Lottery's competitive world

The National Lottery combines the fun of responsible gaming with added social value. The stakes are high, and Proximus NXT is helping the country's biggest lottery operator to protect its players online and to stay ahead of the competition, thanks to digitalization.

Deltrian, ID2Move and Proximus NXT play a collaborative game of Tetris

Automating stock management using AI, 5G and drones is only possible with a solid partnership and unfailing motivation. Deltrian, ID2Move and Proximus NXT have all experienced this. And they have no intention of stopping there!

Inspired by tech,
driven by people

The technological landscape is evolving rapidly across many sectors and at an unprecedented pace. Companies and public organizations need to innovate, become more efficient, agile and customer-centric while ensuring business continuity and security. At Proximus NXT, our mission is to support you in running, optimizing and transforming your business by offering a full range of ICT services and solutions. In all of this, sustainability, diversity, responsibility and ethics are key.

Discover our affiliates

Proximus NXT is not just a brand, but primarily an ecosystem of specialised affiliates and local partners. Their goal? To help you manage the complexity of ICT and take advantage of new technologies in cloud, data or cyber security.

Frequently asked questions about Proximus NXT

Proximus NXT is the new name for our activities on the professional market for medium and large companies. The world is changing rapidly, companies have to deal with huge amounts of data to manage, store and analyze. The emergence of technologies such as artificial intelligence, mixed reality, machine learning and cloudification directly impacts many business processes.

Proximus NXT helps companies meet these digital challenges and become more competitive. To do this, we partner with a whole range of companies specializing in cloud, data and cybersecurity. These are on the one hand the big global tech companies, the so-called "hyperscalers", but also local ICT partners and our specialized subsidiaries that have strengthened the Proximus family in recent years: Codit, ClearMedia, Davinsi Labs and UMBRiO, Telindus Netherlands and Telindus Luxembourg. The partnership is inclusive where the focus is on an end-to-end service offering that puts your business and Data Lifecycle Management at the center.

You don't have to do anything at all. Your current professional products and services will not change, but they will get a new look in the near future. More importantly, our focus will be more on ICT solutions to serve you even better. We will do this by further strengthening partnerships with the various players within our ecosystem and you will definitely notice that.

Our Proximus NXT staff and experts are ready for you today. Step by step, you will notice the implementation of Proximus NXT and the changes that come with it. For example, the website will get a new look and our products and services will be structured based on the needs of your company or organization. After the summer, we will launch a major communication campaign to make our assets even more visible through customer testimonials. After all, our customers are the best ambassadors.

The letters NXT are a simplification of NEXT and embody our ambition to shape the technological challenges of the future in co-creation. Together with you, our experts think about what matters tomorrow. Sustainability, diversity, responsibility and ethics are central to all of this.

At Proximus NXT, the customer's needs are the focus. Our extensive range of products and services provide the perfect starting point to discover the right solution for you. No matter what your needs are, our experts will help you in the digital transformation of your business.

Proximus NXT offers a wide range of telecom and ICT solutions. The main asset of Proximus NXT lies in the strength of our open ecosystem through our specialized affiliates and unique partnership agreements with hyperscalers in cloud, data and cybersecurity. Locally, our affiliates and ICT-partners offer customized advice for your business or organization. The partnership is inclusive with a focus on an end-to-end service offering that puts you, the customer, at the center.

Proximus NXT will not become a separate legal entity. Everything will remain as it is. You will, of course, see our logo popping up on our communications in the near future.